• Amy Davis 

    Welcome to The Bloomington Graduation School!

    My name is Amy Davis and I am your counselor.  I am here to help you with personal issues, academic matters, and post-secondary planning.  Whether you have a problem you need to discuss, or you just need someone to listen, my office is a safe place where you can talk.  I'm so glad you are here!


    How do I see the counselor?

    If my door is open, you are welcome to walk in and talk with me any time.  If I'm not in my office, you can write your name on the sign up sheet on my table and I'll call you in as soon as I can.


    What are some examples of personal issues?

    Anger, anxiety, break-ups, bullying, dating, depression, eating disorders, emotional abuse, family problems, fitting in, friends, grief, homelessness, money, parents, peer pressure, physical abuse, pregnancy, rape, relationship issues, sexual abuse, sexual orientation, suicidal thoughts, teen parenting...


    What are some examples of academic/post-secondary issues?

    Apprenticeships, college (searches, visits, applications), COMPASS test, credits, dual credits, FAFSA, financial aid, goal-setting, graduation requirements, SAT, scholarships, workforce...


    What about confidentiality?

    Most personal issues we discuss will remain confidential (the information will stay between you and me).  However, if I have reason to believe you may hurt yourself or someone else, or that you are being abused, I am required by law to share that information.


    What is your contact information?

    The Bloomington Graduation School

    705 W. Coolidge Drive

    Bloomington, IN 47403

    Tel: (812) 330-7708 ext. 52119

    Email: adavis@mccsc.edu 


    Please note: The referral information contained on this website is by no means complete.  Please consult your phone book or the internet for more information.